Wednesday, 1 January 2014

  • Jay Morzaria.
We all believe in God, don’t we?? Yes, even I do. I also believe that God is everywhere. That he is omnipresent. But  I still don’t find him in idols, I don’t really know his name, I don’t see him in temples, I don’t have prayers to offer him.

Yeah, you must be thinking “What kind of God is this??” Is this some new trick?? A new guru??  A new religion? An atheist group? Well to calm you, I will just say that this is none of the above. Then what is it? 

The answer: It is just a view-point.

Many of us try finding God throughout life. We believe in various stories about Him, but have never really witnessed. It hence becomes difficult to believe in the concept of God at times. It becomes difficult to believe in Him especially during times of distraught and disaster. Why? Because God is supposed to help us during such times, but still there is not even a remote sign of any help from his side!

And then we had Paresh Rawal in “Oh My God!” and his brilliant arguments against God to further deepen our doubts about the concept of God.

Hence, I went ahead and tried to make my own new God. Waise bhi, we have 33 million Gods in India. Ekaada aur daal diya to kya farak padega?? And by God’s grace, if my new God becomes a hit, I will be a baba with a BMW!!!

I tried experimenting a lot, toying around with the idea of my own new customized God. I tried to imagine his face, his structure, his ideology, his background etc. But alas, I failed! I was surprised with myself, for being from media field, I ought to be creative!! 

After failing to imagine a God, I tried to believe in the existing ones.  All of them were great, with great stories to support them, great devotees and great ideologies! Hence I was confused, whom should I believe in? What should I believe in? Hinduism? Islam? Christanity? Or something else?

I couldn’t just casually decide what I was supposed to believe in…hence I explored most of them, just to find out one brutal fact. The Fact was that whatever religion it was, whatever sect I explored had been corrupted by people over time. There were some stupid superstitions, some impractical hopes, some false ideas that people had for God.

I came back home disappointed, for I had no God to believe in. I couldn’t find something pure, something incorruptible! Was I an atheist? No. Not at all! If I were one, why would I try knowing about all these religions, all these sects, their concept of God, their culture? It was at this precise moment, that I got my God. My new God. It was knowledge.

It was knowledge for it helped me to know about these religions, the people and their culture. It was knowledge that helped me to distinguish between right and wrong. It is when I tried to get knowledge from various people, books, websites etc. that I progressed in my life. I looked back at my life, and was not surprised to find out that whenever I had been open enough to get some knowledge of the mistakes I had made, my life had improved.

Whenever I got stuck in life, the knowledge of that situation was something that helped me to move forward. I have enough freedom to get whatever kind of knowledge I want. I also have the freedom to use it the way I want. I can always create knowledge by my actions or my words, but simply cannot destroy it! 

And yes, I definitely can’t corrupt it! I cannot ask science students to feed a glass of milk to their chemistry books everyday to pass in their chemistry exams, I cannot ask commerce students to light a candle before their accounts books to clear their accounts, nor can I ask arts students to decorate their history books with chaddars to make them by-heart world history! But yes, I can just tell them one thing- “learn learn to learn!”

As I said in the beginning, I still do believe that God is everywhere. It is because, knowledge is everywhere!

-                            - The author is the CEO and Founder of Freak and the views mentioned by him are personal.


  1. I see you're tending towards atheism. Good article.


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