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We often read interviews in Newspapers, Magazines; watch them on televisions or hear them on radio. Interviews inspire many who imbibe a lot from it. Today, in Success Shots, we have a story of an 18-year-old boy who has started his own website connecting authors.

‘It just started as a passion someday in October last year,’ says Shubham Agarwal, Founder of Ink Of Love. When asked about how this passion took roots, one fine day, that too all of a sudden Shubham says, “I read an interview of Yan Martel where-in he suggested the aspiring authors to read more than what they do.” These lines of Yan Martel were enough to motivate Shubham who started reading more than before and soon got attracted towards it. “I mean I not only began reading books but also started observing the styles in which authors used to write,” he says.

  • Shubham, Founder, Ink of Love.
Shubham then stumbled upon this thought that he can do something in the field of literature. As he swam deeper into the sea of thoughts, a feeling invaded his mind. He got a feeling that he could craft words in the most beautiful form they could ever be crafted into, only if he knew that apart from his pen he needed some love in his heart. This gave him the tagline – ‘Paint the world with the Ink Of Love.’

“I then shared it with Sharanya Bhattacharya who not only guided but also helped and encouraged me,” says Shubham who thanks Sharanya for her advises.

Ink Of Love initially was a blog which was later converted into a website after they received a tremendous support and readership statistics increased with every passing day.

Speaking about the exclusivity of Ink Of Love Shubham says, “Most of the other blogs focus on telling people about trends. If a book is a bestseller then it is found on each and every book blog's bookshelf but it is rare that a blog accepts promotional requests from the first time authors and the aspiring ones too!”

Inkoflove helps those authors who actually need to be helped. Shubham never denies any request from new authors and he makes sure that he tries his best to help them as much as he can. “You can take me as a lover of writers and writtens,” he says when it comes to describing himself.

Shubham is currently pursuing his graduation in physics. His childhood passed away with his family and friends in his village. Unfortunately, at that point of time his village did not have an English Medium High School and his life remained untouched of modern equipments, internet, mobile phones or even music system for most of his school days. 

“You can say that I am typical Indian countryside lad in search of a better name,” he says kindly. APJ Abdul Kalam says, "Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep.” The same happened in Shubham’s case. Although he had no relations with modern accessories yet he did not stop dreaming. And today he has executed his dreams into actions. 

In less than a year after having launched it, Ink of Love has promoted authors such as Kunal Marathe, Bhargavi Balachandran, Swaagnika Roy, Anjali Kripalani, Parul Sharma, Nikhil Uprety, Ila Garg, Pulkit Gupta, Ritu Lalit, Suman Bhattacharya, Rahul Kapoor, Sid Bahri and 18 more authors by interviewing them, reviewing their books, appealing people to purchase and take pleasures of reading them.

Currently, Shubham is researching upon human thoughts about God and he is soon going to publish a book on it. Simultaneously, he will continue promoting new authors. Shubham’s plan extends up to seeking other book bloggers to merge with his website and create a 'full author-sollution platform.'

We wish him and Ink of Love all the very best and hope they continue to climb the ladders of success in the years to come. 


  1. It's. A really Awesome article Must Read ...! Ink of Love ...

  2. this was really great! You are so good at whatever you do, Suyash!


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