Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Its 31st December readers – the year end. While bidding a good bye to 2013, all of us are set to welcome 2014. Well, firstly News Year wishes to all of you from me and my team. On this eve of 31st, I thought of getting something special for my readers. This story is totally unique and you have not read such.

Here, I would like to narrate a story first. Once upon a time, Swami Vivekanand was aproached by someone and this fellow gave Swamiji a book and requested him to read it. Swamiji took the book in his hands and simply turned the pages before returning the book and saying that he finished reading it. This fellow then asked questions to Swamiji and to his surprise, Swamiji answered all his questions appropriately. Do you know how he did this? Well, let’s learn it from Mithilesh Chudgar who realized this concept and is working on it. It’s Readography! 

Before moving ahead with this amazing and marvellous story, let me say this that Mithilesh is the only person teaching Readography in the whole world. “Readography is a whole Brain and Mind Learning which enhances speed and at the same time also ensures better conceptual understanding, comprehension and recall.”

Readography is a skill of simply turning pages. It is a result of intensive research, study and experimentation. This is a scientifically designed technique that helps students absorb the information from the books at the speed of a flip of a page per second! “This is based on the basic fact that the human brain identifies an image in one five hundredth of a second. And when this scientific fact is clubbed with the basic ‘principle of peak performance’ the outcome is Readography.”

A Production Manager, Mithilesh started working on this concept 6 years ago and has been teaching Readography for 2 years now. Performance Coaching is his main area of focus. To help students improve in their academic performances, Mithilesh established Centre for excellence in Performance in 2008. The aim of this institution is to teach students to learn ‘stress-free.’ Mithileshs’ research work has been publish in RET Academy’s International Journal for Multidisciplinary Research.

“The process of learning happens in three stages; 1. Register or the intake of information. 2. Retention of information and 3. Recall/Retrieval. Whether students or professionals, the focus of all readers is to get better recall so that the students can score in exams and professionals can implement the concepts in life for better results. In the process of 3 R’s, recall is the last and hence recall cannot be enhanced without enhancing the whole process. ‘To focus on work and not on results’ – this has also been said in Bhagwad Gita. When we work on enhancing on the quality of register and retention, the recall or the result enhances without focusing on it. Readography enhances the quality of all the stages of Learning and hence improves the quality of learning on the whole which eventually makes life better.” 

Every human being is capable of doing this and Mithilesh teaches Readography to everyone above 12 years of age that is 7th STD onwards.

Even the results have been fantastic as yet. Kaushal Patel of Tripada International School says, “I experienced that i can learn faster as my interest increases by practicing Readography.” “By practicing Readography i felt that the subjects that were difficult are easy now. I can understand and remember faster,” says Akshay Sevak of Nalanda School.

Well, Mithilesh aspires to teach this technique to more and more children. And he ensures better future for better India!

-          Author is the Managing Editor of the News-O-Holic.


  1. Way to go, Mithilesh!
    Proud of your achievements!
    Suyash, being a Blogger myself, must say: you are doing a great job!!

  2. Mr. Vijay Nallawala: Thanks a lot sir! Such comments of yours really encourage me to write and report many more success stories! Nice to hear it from you, sir. Thank You and Continue reading my blogs!
    Once again - Thanks-a-lot.


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