Saturday, 25 January 2014

  • Divya Kumar Garg. 
As the republic day came closer and the nation was all set to celebrate the national festival, I was filled with doubt about the future of the ‘Republic of India’. To think clearly on the topic, I decided to move to a garden located near my home. It was nearly 6 in the evening when I reached the garden.
I started thinking but nothing striking came in my mind. As the future of a country depends on the government, it elects, I thought about the party I am going to support in this general elections. But who cares of my support, nor I do have a vote and neither is I a big personality who can affect some votes. So who will elect the government?

Oh Yes! An answer strike my mind as I saw a man of late 40s relaxing on a seat in the garden, the answer was ‘The Indian Aam Aadmi.’ He resembled exactly like the typical Indian mango man they describe. I decided to know his views for knowing the future of the country.
“Hello Sir, How are you?” I reached him.

He made a weird face looking me. He had not expected any kind of disturbance in his relaxing session. After a lot of thinking and scanning me thoroughly, he replied a neutral “I am fine.” His words totally showed his discomfort.

I gave an offer to interview him and after a lot of conditions he accepted my proposal.
As he didn’t permit me to open his name before you, so we will refer to him as Mr. Aam Aadmi in the rest of the interview.
  • Hello Mr. Aam Aadmi, what are your plans for this 26th January?
  • Divya Kumar Garg.
I started the interview with a neutral topic before asking him about his political views.
  • What’s so special in January 26th? I will go to work as usual.
I was taken aback by his reply. Nothing is special in Republic Day!
  • Don’t you know? It’s a national holiday.
I gave him some hint. I was sure he would remember the peculiarity of the day with the addition of national.
  • Oh Yes! It’s a Sunday, right? I have to finish some of my pending tasks.
I checked his facial expression. He didn’t seem to have any hint about the national festival.
  • Apart from being a Sunday, it’s a big day for us. It’s our Republic day.

  • Ah! It’s 26th January. Oh Shit! I won’t be able to do my pending works then.
I almost grew angry on him.
  • Won’t you be celebrating it?
He seemed to be surprised upon hearing it.
  • What? Celebrating it! What am I supposed to do? Light crackers or distribute some sweets as some people got us independent some years ago on the same date.

We became independent on 15th August. On 26th January, our constitution came into existence.

  • Whatever? I don’t care.
I understood that he does not have any interest in nation’s history, so I moved on to the topic for which I have come from.
  • Okay, leave it. Whom are you going to vote for in this general election?
I prayed that he at least know of the upcoming Lok-Sabha. His facial expression gave me some relief as he seemed to be thinking hard on the issue. I waited for some 100 seconds before I spoke.
  • You must be voting for the Aam Aadmi Party, right?
I have given him this option as he was just another Aam Aadmi of the country. I thought he must be more close to that party.
  • Frankly speaking, I was in their favor some days ago. I really saw some ray of hope in their agenda.
It was the first time when he was talking something sensible in the conversation. I couldn’t resist myself to ask.
  • Then what happened?

You know their current activities. They seem to be very much irresponsible. They are not fit for governing the country. And you know what…

He took out some paper from his pocket. It was the membership paper of Aam Aadmi Party with a logo of their symbol ‘Jhadu’ at the top.
  • I was so impressed by their work that I filled this form and decided to be a member of the party but as I was about to submit it, I discovered their current actions and concluded that they were nothing less than hypocrites.

  • How can you call them hypocrites? Aren’t they transparent?

I thought the same things some time ago. But transparency is just another illusion that they have created. You know Arvind have given a number on the party’s website. Before elections, the number was active and every his secretary picked up the call but as soon as he had formed a government, there is no response from that number. Even Manish Sisodia did the same thing. Now whenever I call on his number, there is an automated voice message asking you to drop a message to which nobody replies.

I was impressed by his research. All the disrespect that he had generated while answering my republic day question suddenly vanished. I could judge his feelings from his words. He was surely feeling cheated.
So you are not going to vote for them?
Not at all!

I hadn’t expected such a straight no from him. I decided to put forward the second option.
Then you are going to vote Modi this time.
Not him too.

I was baffled by his reply. Is he going to vote for anyone or not?
Although I liked his model of development as he has mentioned in his ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ campaign but his communal image worries me. I don’t want any communal power to rule me. And his speeches do not seem to be realistic at all. 

He rejected BJP too. Only Congress was left now. But I have not thought any Aam Aadmi to vote for RG in the wildest of my dreams.
So who’s left? Rahul Gandhi is going to enjoy your vote.
How can I vote for him? He doesn’t even seem to be mature. He have never been on a big responsibility. How can I trust him of being Prime Minister? And I couldn’t let the same government win which has just increased my problem in the last 10 years.

I was left blank by him. He had confused me. He had rejected all the three options.
Whom are you going to vote for, then?
I am in a dilemma. I don’t know whom am I going to vote for. None of the politician offer me a real choice.

Aren’t you going to press any button on the EVM?
May be NOTA this time.
He smiled, got up and went away leaving me confused by his dilemma.


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