Tuesday, 24 December 2013

This Christmas, Managing Editor Suyash Karangutkar get's our readers a special story from Gurgaon. Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy Reading! :) :)

Have you heard of Listening Radio Online and that through one portal anywhere in the world? Probably no. Well, this story further reveals how three people, in an association turned this true. With a passion freak like Vineet, a music adorned guy Ashutosh and tech genius like Aman, they hit off to set up this portal and with tonnes of pushes and pulls, ups and downs, Fire Mud FM came into existence for the first time online with its first show in December 2011. 

Well, there are excerpts of an interaction with Vineet Talwar, Fire Mud FM’s co-founder.  

It was on 8th December, two years ago that Fire Mud was founded by three genius and unique ‘VAA – Vineet, Ashutosh and Aman.’

  • FireMud FM's Co-founder, Mr. Vineet Talwar.

  • FireMud FM's Co-founder's Ashutosh and Aman.
Fire Mud invaded their minds when musician Ashutosh Gaur, co-founder, business development and creative head of Firemud FM found out that some musicians in the industry were facing certain problems. The other problem with Radio was that it used to be reserved up to a specific location. And if a regular radio listener had to travel out of that location, there was no chance for him to track his favourite shows on radio. To eliminate this problem, an online radio station was started by these three. 
“We decided to work on it. When both ideas clubbed, we started doing a research on it” All three of them have been a part of music and aspired to work towards it. They’ve closely watched the functioning of artists, bands and DJ’s. They have learned what kind of promotions brands needed. Having known it, their research enhanced their idea and Fire Mud came-up. 

Earlier in 2011, when FireMud was launched they were only three and today Fire Mud’s Gurgaon office has successfully been able to reach 300 artists. RJ Aadi who works with FireMud quotes, “Intially Fire Mud, which started with a vague concept, turned into a mission and now into a brand. People came, joint hands; some left, some stayed, some believed, some mocked at us. All of this just made us stronger and believe even richer. It was not the sweat, hardwork or time that went into it but a part of us and our soul that was turning into their dream and of all those attached to it...those naah, yeah, yaayy, oh no!!, shit, those panic attacks, those little ups and a lot of downs, those frowning eyebrows thinking tumse naa hoga."
  • FireMud Radio's Core team pose before camera's.

Soon after the launch, they started campus projects after which people started shaking their hands from their campuses. So-far they’ve been able to reach 30 colleges. Currently events, promotions, tactic earning skills and advertisements are fetching them enough money to run their dream work.
Fire Mud is currently in a process of tying-up with huge brands. They aim at providing them a base for offline events and helping them to expand their brand. 


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