Tuesday, 29 October 2013

An Unfortunate Sunday for Patna
A detailed report on Patna serial bomb blast.
- Suyash Karangutkar
27th October’ 2013: Patna, Mumbai, New Delhi: Hours before Modi could keep his words at Patna, bomb blasts bought the city into headlines. The first bomb explosion was reported from the newly constructed Patna station’s platform number. 10. The bomb was placed inside a public toilet which is located at the station. One person from this sight of explosion succumbed to his injuries while two other injured were rushed to Patna Medical College.
Luckily there wasn’t crowd on the platform and that was the reason why not much causality was reported.
Just two kilometers away from the Patna railway station, lays Gandhi Maidan where BJP president Narendra Modi was scheduled to deliver his speech at 1 pm in the afternoon. But the blow up’s of six bomb’s spilled water over all the plans and sooner the area was thronged by journalists and police officers. The fate had something more. As the police officers began investigating the place, they were flabbergasted to see some more live bombs at several locations inside the ground.
Quick actions by Union Home Ministry.
As soon as the bomb blasts in Patna made a headline, a NIA team comprising of seven persons left from Delhi. Similarly, a NSG team was also sent there to assist the police and the local administrations.
Police vigilance.
A police team immediately rushed to the Gandhi Maidan and Patna station from where the blasts were reported. The police team bought the situation under control. Arrests and detention was also done. One person has been arrested while three others were detained by the police. SSP Patna, Manu Maharaj said that the situation was under control and STF were there to dispose the bombs. The police also raided several places to nab those who were involved.
Political views.  
The beginning of political blame game was nothing new. Lok Sabha’s leader of opposition, Sushma Swaraj said that she strongly condemned the serial bomb blasts on the occasion of BJP rally in Patna. She labeled the incident as a ‘gross intelligence failure.’ BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the state police’ response was not ample even when the rally was planned eight months back. Speaking exclusively with The Columnist JD(U)’s Senior Leader Rakesh Gupta said, “It is a very unfortunate incident. It is not a failure but a security lapse. The Chief Minister should have given a bit of more attention to it.” Chief Minister Nitish Kumar cancelled his Ragir, Munger visit and conducted a press conference at 6 in the evening.
The Nitish Kumar Press Conference.
“A team from Health Department is present at the incident spot, treating the injured. The police are probing into the bomb blasts. Some have been injured while defusing the bombs. I think someone has planned to distract the harmony of Bihar. One person has been arrested. Many telephone numbers have been acquired from him. I am very confident of this that the police will nab down the accused. It seems all of this has been done purposely. Due to this rally, the security arrangements were strengthened. Post Narendra Modi’s speech on the 26th of October, a suitcase was found in the southern part of the ground but nothing suspicious was discovered,” Nitish Kumar said while addressing the Press Conference.
Nitish Kumar also appealed the people to remain calm.
“Our investigation agencies will surely expose the motive behind the crime. We need to stay united to deal with such incidents. The day and date chosen are indeed crucial,” he further added.
“I spoke to the Prime Minister, Home Minister and Mr. Advani and all of them are concerned. Police have also been deployed,” he assured.
He also added that such attacks could never be thought of. “We were not tipped off by I.B. There was also no Intelligence input,” he informed.
Nitish Kumar announced Rs. 5 lakh compensation to the victims and declared that government would pay the costs for their treatment. “It is a learning lesson for us. Some time has to be given to police and government,” he emphasized.
“I would like to tell BJP that tight security was allotted. It is not a lapse but a challenge. This incident will be investigated professionally,” he said.
Neither did he rule out possibilities of terror attack nor a political conspiracy. He said that things will be crystal clear once the police finish the investigation.
Alerts have been issued in Bihar. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that it he could not articulate whether or not Bihar was on target. Police security was tightened in Bihar. So far, 5 have lost their lives, 83 have been injured and the condition of is critical.

Suyash Karangutkar (Correspondent and Contributor )


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