Saturday, 28 September 2013

Suyash Karangutkar(Correspondent):
Poor maintenance and delay in the repair works subsided another building, the second in past ten days in Mumbai on Friday morning. The Brihan Mumbai Corporation’s Mazagaon Staff quarters came down like a pack of cards. The structure - very close to Babu Genu market that sheltered 21 families in its four-storey collapsed down, taking 14 lives and injuring several others. The site where the building gave-off, got assistance from the Fire department and the police officials who immediately began with the rescue operations.
Similar incidents have invaded city in the past as well. In a recent incident, similar to the present one, three were killed while one was injured when the five-storey building came crashing down. 
In the sixth incident, this year, before the Mazgaonkars could continue with their daily chores and pursue the planned out activities for the day, an unfortunate incident wrapped-up everything - even their lives. The 33-year-old building that gave away its strength at the dawn claimed 14 lives while injuring 43 others. 

Among the dead were Leela Chavda, Anil Chavda, Jamuna Kumari Chavda, Firozahmed Hussain, Datta Jadhav, Sampat Sapte and Madhvi Kadam. A Marathi Newspaper Journalist, Yogesh Pawar was trapped inside the debris while his father, a BMC officer Anant Pawar, lost his life in the tragedy. 

At 6pm, exactly forty five minutes after the building collapsed near the Babu Genu Market on the Dockyard Road, the Fire Brigade was alerted by the locals. By the time, bystanders managed to rescue a 10-year-old boy, Anish Kadam and rushed him to J.J.Hospital through a Taxi. Half-n-Hour post the incident, three fire engines and a rescue team were directed to the spot while police began assembling the location on alert. Almost an hour later, NDRF (National Disaster Rescue Front) operators reached the spot with their instruments. 

Even as the presence of heavy crowd and the rainfall attempted to hamper the rescue operations, nine people were first rescued from within the debris and sent to J.J Hospital via its ambulance. Alok Awasthy, Commandant of NDRF’s 5th battalion told the NEW INDIAN EXPRESS, Mumbai that the information they first received was only 15-16 people were trapped inside and so he thought that only one team would be sufficient. But, he added that it was only when his officers informed him about almost the trapping of almost 100 people, that they took the call to send it the back-up. The officer informed that two teams, left Pune at 9 and reached Mumbai at 2 in the noon. 

Meanwhile, J.J.Hospital sent its team comprising of three doctors and two attendants along with an ambulance to provide first-aid to those who incurred minor injuries. The JJ hospital being nearby helped saved many lives, an eye-witness accounted. HINDUSTAN TIMES, Mumbai reported that with survivors being brought mostly to J.J.Hospital, 48 doctors, 24 nurses and 24 attendants got into action. 

J.J.Hospital’s dean T.P.Lahane told HINDUSTAN TIMES, Mumbai that three to four patients were critically injured while some have escaped with minor injuries. 

Further investigations have revealed that suffocation and head injuries were the major reasons for the deaths. 

In the upshot of the incident, 30 rescued residents were scuttled to the hospital where the condition of seven victims continued to be critical. Six surgeries were performed to treat patients in critical condition with severe fractures. Three patients underwent polytrauma treatment for multiple joint injuries, Hindustan Times reported. 


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