Friday, 13 September 2013

·         Suyash Karangutkar.
12TH September, 2013: Muzaffarnagar/Delhi/Mumbai: Even after 410 riots shook India the previous year, a fresh communal violence conflagrated across Muzaffaranagar claiming 36 lives on the first day and three on the other while injuring several others. Journalist Rajesh Verma of IBN 7 and a photographer Iqbal were among the dead.

The worst Muzaffarnagar violence which erupted between two communities, even after the Intelligence Bureau’s alerts to 11 states, has raised serious allegations against the Akhilesh Yadav Government. The Indian Express reported that angry Muslim leaders, on Wednesday demanded their government in Uttar Pradesh to provide security to their community in the state. Their demands further extended with immediate suspension of state Police Chief, Devraj Nagar which was backed by Minister of State for Panchayati Raj Kamal Akhter and other members.

Meanwhile, the Police investigating for the genesis of the riots have found out that a video, shot two years ago, in which a man was brutally lynched was circulated on the popular social net-working application WhatsApp. R.K Vishwakarma, Inspector General of Police (law and order) told the media persons that the video started circulating on August 29th and a day later they had blocked it. Still, he further added that the video was passed from phone to phone through WhatsApp and in a short span of time most of them had viewed it. The video, which molested the religious sentiments led to Communal Violence, beginning from Kaval village. The State Government has now dispatched strict orders for taking actions against the organization or persons who were involved in circulation of the video.

An 8pm bulletin of Headlines Today News Channel showed a video in which four S.P leaders were seen delivering inflammatory speeches after last Friday prayers. A female BJP leader too was caught on camera using invective language against the people of a community. Headlines Today Journalists claimed that those inflammatory speeches turned influential for the rioters. The channel also highlighted that no actions were taken against those politicians.

After Azam Khan omitted the National Executive Meeting of Samajwadi Party, reports that Kham was distancing himself from the party made rounds. However, Mulayam Singh Yadav, S.P chief told the media that the news of rifts within the party were false. When quizzed on S.P’s role in the riots, Mulayam defended himself and his party by saying that he had never played communal politics.

Akhilesh Yadav, who was cornered by the opposition ever since the riots erupted, assured his subjects that strict actions would be taken against those who influenced the riot. He confirmed that an F.I.R was lodged and investigations are on.

Even as Samajwadi Party showed it’s firmness towards the happened incident, Bhartiya Janta Party Chief, Rajnath Singh Yadav said, “Samajwadi Party has lost its moral power by not being able to prevent the riots.”


So-far the police have arrested several rioters and have tightened their security to ensure peace within the state. Although the curfew was relaxed by five in the evening, the deployed Army continued to monitor the state. Even as the state was returning back to its normalcy, schools and colleges remained closed. 


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