Monday, 17 June 2013

Few years ago, when Gurpreet Singh Guri passed his matriculation exams, his family asked him to continue with academics.  He simply refused it by saying ‘it is not my cup of tea.’ When he waved Goodbye to school, he decided to make a career in Punjabi music industry. It was that time when he sobriquet himself G Guri. He started playing a dilapidated harmonium provided by school without having appropriate skills to operate it. After spending some years at home trying to learn harmonium himself, he went to Ustad Soma Khan Ji at Ludhiana. There, he spent around 4 years with Ustad ji and honed his skills.

There was a time when he decided to leave all this because of seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. Lack of family support was the major reason behind this. But suddenly things started working for him; he got his first break as a music director. He composed the music for Yuvraj Singh's album ‘Udariya’. Udariya album proved turning point for Guri. Udariya was a major hit in Punjabi music industry at that time.

Within a period of few years, Guri started getting a good response from Punjabi music listeners through calls and messages. Many noted music-directors from Punjab started approaching him. He worked on several projects with accomplished singers and also with emerging artists.

The peak time for Guri’s musical career was when he launched Jassi Gill’s (now a famous Punjabi singer) first album ‘Batchmate'.  Bachmate’s song ‘Chudiya’ broke all the records in Punjab with its heart-touching music composed by Guri. Chudiya was the song, everyone was crooning. With this album, Guri succeeded to establish himself as a versatile and talented music-director.

Meanwhile, Guri had a lot on his plate. Guri’s family accepted his passion and profession. Jassi Gill and G Guri’s hard work gave them a platform in Punjabi music industry. After some time, The Hit Jodi, G Guri and Jassi Gill came up with another album ‘Batchmate -2’. This time song ‘Lancer’ and ‘Teri j na hoi’ made people murmuring the lines. These both songs were nominated in distinct categories in PTC Punjabi Music Awards 2012.

Now, G guri has a proper working team of his friends with him. This team includes Hart Mankoo who is a Punjabi Rapper and singer, Jyot Kalirao, a video director and Laddi Patti a song writer. This team also handles the promotional campaigns of G Guri. G Guri is currently working with many new singers and some troupers of the industry too. These days, he is busy in making the sequels of some of his hit songs such as; Chudiya, Vigde shraabi, lancer.

Guri has several plans for future as such organizing a singing competition to give chance to new voices in Punjab. He is all set with his newly built studio in Khanna. He named his studio ‘G-Star’.
G Guri and Jyot Kalirao.
Guri is standing above the salt now because of his passion to set a benchmark. Giving a message to his fans Guri said, “The only message I would like to give to my fans is that please help us to stop piracy and buy original CDs, and coerce the government to pass some hard laws to stop piracy in state.”

Being Guri’s Fan Like thousands of Punjabis, I am waiting for his new music as well and I wish may all the emerging singers or music directors could get the chance to refine them under G Guri. 

Some of G Guri's famous songs :


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