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2. Submit your articles in Microsoft Word document.

3. Send the article to
4. The E-mail you send must contain these:
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b. Your author name. (This will be the name under which your article will be published.)
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d. The Title of your article.

5. Most importantly the Subject line of the Email should read “Article Submission for Newsoholic”

The submission will be reviewed by competent editors. We will let you know if your submission was selected for publication or not.


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Press Note

Dear Readers,

This is to inform you that due to some technical fault, The Columnist news blogazine has been shut down and all the staff working with them have been shifted to The News-o-Holic.

Kartik Nijhawan continues to remain the Editor-in-Chief. Suyash Karangutkar has taken charge as the Managing Editor, Prince Vij as Bollywood Head, Yash Khatri as Tech Head, Jay Shah as National Affairs Editor, Aryan Sain as a Correspondent and Mihir Sanghvi as Mumbai Bureau Chief.

Mohit Chhangani has stepped in as Photo Editor while Ashutosh Banerjee continues to be a freelance photojournalist.
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Thank You!
Team News-O-Holic.

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