Saturday, 14 December 2013

A thunderstorm broke between social activist Anna Hazare and an Aam Aadmi Party member. During his fasting at Ralegan Siddhi a peculiar incident suddenly unfolded as General V.K. Singh began with his speech. V.K. Singh made certain remarks on Gopal Rai which were not accepted by him after which he took over the buck to yell back at General. Finally, Anna intervened by scolding Rai. “I had told you not to fast,” he rebuked and later asked him leave the venue if he wanted to create hue and cry. 

  • From Left To Right: Gopal Rai makes his point while general V.K. Singh defends himself.
Gopal Rai then left the venue. “Anna has asked me to leave the venue and so I am leaving,” he said after leaving the premise. “I am not enraged over Anna but the remarks of V.K. Singh did enrage me,” he added while confirming that he will continue to stand for Lokpal Bill till Anna does.
V.K. Singh told the media, “I was not making a comment on anybody. Gopal Rai shouldn’t have interrupted me.” 

On another hand, the Lokpal bill was tabled in Parliament but the discussion couldn’t persist as the Samajwadi party and Seemandhra M.P’s staged protest against the bill. Samajwadi Party instead demanded a discussion on hike in the Prices of Rice.
  • Aam Aadmi Party leader Gopal Rai enrages over general V.K. Singhs remarks.

The discussion on the bill, for now, has been postponed to Monday as the Upper House was adjourned. Addressing the media, Aam Aadmi Party leader Manish Sisodiya said, “Anna is being misled by some agents from Congress and BJP.” 

On twitter, Aam Aadmi Party’s active volunteer Akshay Marathe said that Sab ne mil ke #AAP ko ullu banaya hai. (Everybody together made a fool of Aam Aadmi Party.) When asked how, he replied, “By offering support. They have put #AAP in a position of damned if they will, and damned if they won’t. Tricky.” 

  •  A fake article.
Mail Today’s Friday edition’s editorial page contained an article under the name of AAP lawyer Shanti Bhushan. The article criticized Arvind Kejriwal of splitting the team Anna. 

Shanti Bhushan later clarified that it was not written by him. The editor of Mail Today, Sandeep Bamzai later tweeted an apology. “We have been had, our deepest apologies to Mr. Shanti Bhushan whose purported article has been carried on our edit page this morning,” said his first tweet. 

His second tweet followed saying, “We have been duped by miscreants with a motive and sincerely apologize to Mr. Shanti bhushan for carrying what was purportedly his article.” 

He then later announced, “We are now filing a fir and taking legal action against the miscreants, we r equally victims in this, apologies to Mr. Bhushan.”


  1. Will lokpal be an unmarried person with nobody to support or care for except the Indian citizens? Will he not be frightened of threats to his family from political parties? Will he be strong enough to say "Mera jo bhi bigad shakte ho bugad lo?" If Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi later known as MAHATMA GANDHI failed who else can suceed? Open a newspaper and read about "Crores of Rupees of black wealth detected" Make revenue laws transperent and corruption will be reduced by 50%. People doing business with Bills and honestly are 78 % costlier than people doing business without bills and dishonestly. Can honesty survive?


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