Sunday, 15 December 2013

  • Prince Vij, Bollywood Head. 
This word 'Scam' we often read in the daily newspapers in political or Business management section, but nowadays it seems too Common in world`s second largest film industry, Bollywood. After the release of Krrish 3, lots of distributors, exhibitors and trade analysists have claimed that the entire collection scenario of Krrish 3 is manipulated. But yesterday`s tweet of Taran Adarsh made it clear that Collections of Krrish 3 were fake and Shah Rukh Khan starrer 'Chennai Express' is still highest grosser of bollywood.

But, now there is a big question, that why Taran Adarsh tweeted fake figres during the run of the film. The question of 'Paid Media' is also rising in bollywood after this big controversy. If we compare Taran Adarsh`s figures with few other sources, then result come as follow:
BoxOfficeIndia.Com:  153 Crores in 10 days (Including Tamil and Telugu Versions)
Taran Figures:  207 Crores in 10 days (Including Tamil and Telugu Versions)
It is the largest difference ever between two organization for any film. Nowadays, film goers and industry insiders can only trust on the individual distributors rather than any trade analysist or online portal.   

Few industry insiders are saying that Roshans are in hurry to prove that Krrish 3 has broken all records including Salman Khan`s Ek Tha Tiger (198 Crores), Aamir Khan`s 3 Idiots (202 Crores) and Shahrukh Khan`s Chennai Express (228 Crores). But the truth is that Chennai Express is still India`s highest grosser film.

Reacting on the box office figures Rakesh Roshan said, "i am not in the position to fudge the figures by 40-50 Crores. People don`t know about the real figures, but i get all figures from all India in the morning. People know the 70% elements of box office and i know 100%. We opened at 4300 Screens".

Well, who is right or who is wrong is still a big question. But it is sure that manipulation in figures is way to give hype to the film. Hope, we will not see this type of scams during the release of upcoming biggies.


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