Friday, 20 December 2013

He had aspired to do B. Tech from IIT, but didn't qualify for the JEE. Unlike many others, he did not sit still figuring the reasons why he could not clear. Instead, this courageous person paced forward to do something different. And I must say that he is working on the most beneficial thing. While both of us had involved ourselves into the conversation, I was left flabbergasted by hearing about his work and plan to expand it. 
  • Mr. Pratik Lotia, CEO and Founder, VenTech.

Mr. Pratik Lotia, CEO and Founder of VenTech, initially began working with two friends (who are now the co-founders of VenTech) on an idea of ‘Vertical Axis Wind Mill.’ “We went through various procedures, got funding from the Government of India for our Wind Mill project & also a project in Solar Energy.” As their expertise & interest in Solar Energy grew, the thought of launching a startup for catering the needs in urban areas invaded their minds and VenTech was launched. 

VenTech is committed to provide effective Solar Energy Systems, especially Rooftop Systems to mainly Educational Institutions, Commercial & Residential Complexes. It was by selling computers and laptops that they began VenTech. “We generated Electricity from our setup caters for basic needs & the Return on Investment is generally for 4-5 years. After that the customers get electricity for free.

An alumnus of St. Anne’s High School, Pratik did his junior college from T. P. Bhatia and completed his engineering from Atharva College. 

 VenTech will complete a year in January’ 2014. Within a year’s span, the company has accomplished fifteen minor projects and two major ones. “The Third major project is on the verge of completion and we’ve been giving our best to it. Also, several Conventional Wind Mills are Horizontal Axis wind mills have been built-up by us.”

His dad, Mukesh Lotia, also a businessman has been a pole of motivation for him. Although he is into a different business but he always encourages him to think different from others. “Even my mother Priti and brother Dhrumil have helped in the development of my business.”  Co-founders Brijesh Maurya and Tejas Oturkar have consistently put in their best efforts in the projects and together with their mentor Anupama Deshpande, the company has been progressing.

In cities, due to shortage of large empty spaces, low wind speed and capability of buildings to forbade wind, VenTech came-up with Vertical Axis Wind Mill. Recently, VenTech has got recognition from the Government of India as Top 50 Innovators for their Vertical Axis Wind Mill project.

  • Mr. Pratik Lotia speaking at the Global Youth Forum - Mumbai.
Bhagvad Gita has bought a miraculous change in his life. “Reading Bhagvad Gita has been fruitful for me.” Pratik is a firm believer of the saying: ‘Karmane vadhikaraste, maa faleshu kadachana. Maa karma fal hetur bhur, maa te sango stav karmani.’ It means that you have the right to perform your duties, never on the fruits of it. Neverthink yourself as the cause of your fruits & never get attached to not doing your duty.

In the coming year, there are plans to install solar rooftops in every building to cut down on the carbon footprints. Plans are also to enter into the manufacturing sector for coming up with efficient battery system.

If this attempt goes ahead successfully then the entire country is surely going to improve on many factors. Currently, all of us should support such advantageous projects and people like Pratik and company like VenTech should be blessed! 

               - The author is the Managing Editor of the News-O-Holic news blogazine.


  1. Thanks 'thenewsoholic' & Suyash for a wonderful interview. You people are really doing a nice job!! Keep up the good work. May you succeed in all your endeavors.

  2. Good work thenewsoholic.Pratik has always been an inspiration for his friends.

  3. Such public front and exposure was all that missed. Its just the beginning towards star heights. Congratulations and all the best to both.

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