Sunday, 17 February 2013


Producer: Vishesh Films (Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt)
Director: Vishesh Bhatt
Star Cast: Randeep Hooda, Sara Lorein and Aditi Rao Hydri
Star Rating: 2/5
What Good: sets and locations, twist and turns, performance of Aditi Rao Hydari and Few intimate scenes
What Bad: Performances of Randeep Hooda and Sara Lorein, the climax, the first half and few nonsence dialogues.
(Script Analysis)
Muder 3 is the official remake of Columbian film 'The hidden face'. But Mahesh Bhatt and Amit Masurkar's pen and their writing skills failed to write same vision as Arturo Infante and Atem Kharaiche did in the original one. Love birds Roshni (Aditi Rao Hydari) and Vikram (Randeep Hudda) have eyes for each other according to the movie. Vikram gets a job as a photographer in Mumbai and fall in love blindly, Roshni quits her job in South Africa and lands in the city which never sleeps. There is scene in the middle of first half which explains Roshni walked out on Vikram, leaving him addicted to wine's bottle. After, he gets into trouble during drinking, a waitress Nisha (Sara Lorein) takes him home. Nisha didn`t take long time to reach in Vikram`s bedroom. She keeps hearing noises, seeing ripples in the shower. The cops are searching for the missing Roshni and one of the cop is Nisha`s ex-boy friend. Who or what is behind the entire scene which is happening in the house? Climax of the film gives all answers. First half of the film is quite slow and characters are also not well developed. The character of the ex-boy friend of Nisha, is interesting but it is not well developed. Climax of the film is not well written. Sanjay Masoom`s dialogues are disappointing . There is not even a single claptrap dialogue in the film. 
Star Performances
Randeep Hooda failed to impress his fans with his acting skills this time. He created disappointment with his lazy performance among his followers. Sara Loren (Last seen as Mona Liza in Himesh`s Kajraare) didn't create any impact as Nisha's Character. Her facial expressions are below to the mark in some scary scenes. But her chemistry with Randeep Hooda is marvelous in some bed scenes. Aditi Rao Hydri as Roshni is the pillar of the film. Her character develops quite well. She is just extraordinary in some emotional scenes. 
Direction, Music and other aspects
Vishesh Bhatt`s direction is good for his debut but he leaves you with feeling that something is missing or incomplete in the film. Something much more could have been done with the script like this. Raju Singh`s background music is not appriciatable but good. There is nothing memorable about Pritam and Anupam Amod`s songs, but music suits to the moments. Sunil Patel`s photography is Good. Devendra Murdeshwar`s editing could have been sharp.
 Last Word
    Murder 3 is an interesting thriller with some lazy moments.
Box office predictions
Vishesh Films and Fox Star Studio has spent more than 12 crore rupees on the film and they are already in profit.Film already have earned 15 crore rupees over the weekend. Murder brand will work for Bhatts and it will do an successful run  on box office.
- Prince Vij
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