Thursday, 21 February 2013

Kartik Nijhawan, 
I remember the era when having a degree of engineering or being a student of made you a celebrity among your relatives and neighbours. Because study of engineering was known as the toughest study and Punjab was lacking in technical education colleges. Engineering study is still tough but now the number of colleges and universities offering are mushrooming.
                      There are more than 200 colleges and universities in Punjab alone offering So, No more worries about seat! Punjab government’s decision to start private colleges in Punjab commendable. The irony is that we have over 40,000 engineers passing out every year, but with fewer job opportunities!  Only 5% of them get jobs in Punjab and the rest of them forced to move out willingly or not.

                                               All the political parties' manifestos assure of more industries, better jobs and enhanced standard of living for the youth. But the current scenario seems otherwise! Recently Punjab government passed a new law for steel industries - The E-Bill system. Under this law steel industries cannot sale or purchase without an E-Bill. This E-Bill decreased the profit for industries. After a long period of strike, industries decided they will move to Gujrat. Private colleges more than needed and industries less than needed create a different scenario. The current scenario does not speak of development at all, when over 40,000 aspiring engineers have to leave their home-state for job-hunting.


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