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Today, in Interaction series we have a well-known writer who has written several books ever since he has set himself on the journey of writing. Since 2011, his name has appeared thrice in the Limca Books of Records as the 'Fastest Published Crime Fiction author' and he continues to inspire young authors! 

“I am a storyteller, social worker, family man, dreamer and lover of life,” Mr. Joygopal Podder says, describing himself, as this interaction begins.

Mr. Joygopal Podder was born in London and then his family moved to Delhi. Joygopal sir was interested in literature right from the beginning. He says, “I grew up reading books practically every day.” 

  • Author Mr. Joygopal Podder with the books that he has authored!
Joygopal sir first studied in Mount St. Mary’s school of New Delhi and then went to Hindu College and Delhi University. He then further went to study law at Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.

Mr. Podder worked for 17 years with different companies as a marketer. He changed to the social sector in 2000 and is now the Director of ActionAid India – a leading NGO working to tackle poverty. But despite working for social causes he could not get himself away from writing which is rich in every drop of his blood and which has been his passion for years now. 

He writes everyday, he says. Mr. Podder’s day remains incomplete without writing a few hundred words and running a treadmill. Crime, Romance and Humour are the topics on which he writes and many of his books have flashed the same. 

When I tried to know about when Mr. Podder set himself on the journey of writing, he told me, “I wrote my first story at age of 9, had my first story published in a magazine at the age of 12, earned my first cheque from writing at age of 14 and was a very active freelance writer during my college and university days.” 

And then in this journey of writing, came a 25 years break. It was during these 25 years that Mr. Podder focused much on building up a career in corporate sector and then associated with an NGO. But then passion never dies. 

Again at the age of 50, Mr. Podder resumed writing and this time he not just wrote but also got his first book ‘Deceivers’ published. Now, since then this journey of writing and publishing has never stopped.

In October 2010, Mr. Podder published his second book ‘The Inheritance’. In the following year five books – ‘The Landlord’s Secret and Other Stories’, ‘Millennium City’, ‘High Alert’, ‘Truth is Greater than Fiction’ and ‘Superstar’ were launched. In 2012, another four books of his – ‘Mumbai Dreams’, ‘Beware of the Night’, ‘A Million Seconds too Late’ and ‘Merchants of Dreams’ were in bookstalls. In 2013, yet another two books – ‘Vanished’ and ‘Goddess’ were launched. Mr. Podder’s recent releases include ‘My Friend’s Unsuitable Fiancée’ and ‘My Husband, My Lover, My Husband’s Lover’ both published by Author’s Empire India this year and two upcoming releases include ‘Three Mixed Up Men’ and ‘Dynasty’ – both published by Omji Publications. 

 Wow! This is indeed incredible! 

  • Covers of Mr. Podders two upcoming books - 3 Mixed up Men and Dynasty.
In the path of success family too plays a major role. When asked about the support he got from his family, Mr. Podder called it as ‘invaluable.’ He further added, “They believed in me when I started out, encouraged me, supported me morally and in every way possible, read my manuscripts and gave feedback, checked out the distribution of my books in stores, helped in creating my website, accompanied me to my Book Fair events, and in many more ways difficult to list. All my books have been dedicated to my family, without exception.”

Earlier there were not many books. There used to be a few series but now people are actively contributing to the literature field and as a result of which there are so many books on various topics out there in the market and book stores. Lovely that is but often readers get confused between which books they should select, don’t they? I decided to ask Mr. Podder to advice for the selection of books for which he had a brilliant reply. He said, “No advice. Read everything. If you don’t like the first few chapters, stop reading and gift the book away. But try out every author, new and old – that’s the only way to discover gems.” 

Mr. Podder himself has followed innumerable authors - Commercial, light fiction, literary, crime, humour, historical novelists and the list goes on. He firmly believes in - There is no problem without a solution; It’s always impossible – until it’s done; You can’t go back and make a new beginning – but you can always get to work today to script a new ending. 

Mr. Podder aims to write over 100 books, for films and continue appearing on Limca Book of Records as Fastest Published Crime Fiction author. 

What he suggests the budding authors is, “Read and read; then write and write. Do not write to be forgotten in six months but write so that you are remembered for generations.” 

Mr. Joygopal Podder is truly an inspiration for many budding authors and writers, including me. I myself personally follow him. Two books of Mr. Joygopal Podder are about to release this month and I hope that readers purchase them and enjoy his excellent work. 

From the News-O-Holic team, we wish him good lucks for his books coming up this month and for all the other books that he will be authoring. With this I conclude this interaction. Thank you for reading!


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