Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Even though it is very hard to believe in and stick with the statement but if truth to be told there is nothing wrong in it. Just try to love those persons who tend to or criticize you. Denying the critical remarks may land you or other party in inconvenience. We people are in tendency to take no notice of or disgust the person who dares to pass critical remarks on us. But query don’t find counter here.

One or the other day a person on a coffee table tries to find the answer. Why is all this happening when we are the inhabitants of the same planet? Right from the birth till demise an individual goes through such state of affairs when he feels being criticized. Mostly persons experience criticism at an every juncture of life. A person faces criticism at work, play and we can revolve around many examples though.

Instead of yielding problems by counter attacking we should try to find out some grounds to feel affection for the people who pass opinion on us. We should stop hating whosoever criticizes us because when a person criticizes you, he/she virtually thinks that you are really at the forefront of him/her. So how can anyone hate the person who thinks you are ahead of them? If you still stick with your old behaviour of hating or disgusting the person who criticizes you, apologetic to say revolutionize yourself, you are in actual fact on a wrong track.

Likewise in these circumstances when the persons think you are ahead of them, they will commit ridiculous errors to get to the fore from you but will land themselves in problems which will give you a corridor leading to triumph. That's why we should not mark any differences with anyone because they are somehow having turned out to be reason of our success no affair by which means.

To sum up we may say the only thing we need to do is that we should dub the sense of criticism into optimistic frame of mind. Consequently nothing to wait revolutionizes today, now itself.


  1. Awesomely written ! Love your critics and be with them..
    as Holy Dalai Lama says
    In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher." so as critic. :)

    -Kunal senani


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